October 17, 2017

About us

United Export (reg. name: TD JUNAJTED EKSPORT DOOEL) is founded in Republic of Macedonia in 1989 by Mr. Dimitri Krlevski who has more than 35 years of working experience in the wood industry. It is a family run company whose main business activity is wholesale trade of wood logs, planks, squares, veneers and pellets.

The wood we export is sourced in the ecologically purest regions in Macedonia and Serbia, in the heart of the Balkans. Besides plain logs we can cut the wood in different levels of finishing – we can also provide finger-joined boards, flooring pellets etc.

Most of our annual exports are of European beech, ash, and walnut. We also provide, though in smaller quantities, oak, maple, cherry, chestnut, pear, lime and locust to our customers. We export mostly in the Central and Northern parts of EU/EEA countries – Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark. We are looking forward in new clients from Mid and Far East and the Americas.

Thus, our capabilities for trade are far greater, in quantity of materials and as well as in production processes.

As of April 2014 we are FSC® certified, licence code FSC-C120919.